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AIR & FLUID FITTINGS: Brass, plastic & stainless steel connectors; 100% stainless steel hose clamps; PARKER, GOODYEAR, AMFLO, LOC-LINE & MURRAY.
BEARINGS: Roller, ball, plane, mounted & linear motion bearings; stainless & plain steel balls. TIMKEN, FAFNER, BARDEN, SKF, NICE & MRC.
CUTTING & MACHINE TOOLS: Carbide end mills; hole saws; band & hack saw blades; files; router bits; bushings, chucks, centers, pouches & reamers. BRUBAKER, BESLY, CLEVELAND TWIST DRILL, DRILL AMERICA, SEVERANCE, SIMONDS, OCEMCO, ALL AMERICAN & MAKITA.
ELECTRICAL & ELECTRONIC HARDWARE: Wire & connectors; crimping tools; battery lugs & terminals; fuses; soldering equipment & supplies; cable ties; electronic fasteners, spacers, standoffs, handles, captive screws & connection hardware. BUSS, XCELITE, MOLEX-ETC, KESTER & QUICK CABLE.
HAND TOOLS: Pipe, socket, adjustable-end & industrial wrenches; copper, cushion, ball-pien & other industrial hammers; screw, ball, tamper resistant, hex-key & other drivers; pliers; adjustable hack saws. ARMSTRONG, DIAMOND, COOPER, KLEIN (VACO), BONDHUS, ENDERES, VISE GRIP, MILBAR, SIMONDS, CRESCENT & XCELITE.
MACHINE SHOP EQUIPMENT: Metal band & cut-off saws; grinders; sanders & buffers; vises; arbor & drill presses. BALDOR, JET, KALAMAZOO, MAKITA,WELLS & WILTON

METALS & RAW MATERIALS: Precision ground, 01, A2 & D2 flat stock; tool steel; aluminum, brass & stainless steel round & tubular stock; drillrod; plastics; shims; keystock; music wire. PRECISION BRAND, JORGENSON & MARSHALL.

MISCELLANEOUS HARDWARE: Hooks, rings, shackles & clamps; wire, cable & chain; gauges; casters. BUCK, CHICAGO, HINDLEY, GENERAL, PAYSON & STANLEY.
PAINTS- OSHASafety paints, industrial primers etc. KRYLON, SPRAYON.
POWER TOOLS: Impact drivers; drills; die, angle & wheel grinders; heat guns; portable, cutoff & reciprocal saws. SAWZALL (MILWAUKEE). MAKITA, BOSCH, DREMEL & FOREDOM.
POWER TRANSMISSION: Adjustable speed drives; clutches; conveyer & drive components; couplings; bushings; chain; shears; sprockets; tensioners; variable speed pulleys; V-belts; speed reducers & shafting.
PRECISION DEVICES: Magnifiers; micrometers; calipers; punches; gauges & steel rules. MITUTOYO & SWISS PRECISION (SPI).
STORAGE: Floor & tool boxes; storage bins & displays; shelving, & mezzanines. KENNEDY, LYON, M F HUGHBSY, DURHAM & AKRO-MILLS
SUPPLIES: Ear plugs, eye shields, optivisors, gloves, masks & hard hats; first aid kits; duct, electrical, Teflon & double-stick tape; flashlights; books; tie-wraps. 3M, TUCK, DONEGAN & MAGLITE.
THREAD INSERTS & TOOLS: Taps; tools, kits & individual thread inserts. EZ-LOK, HELICOIL, KEENSERT & TIMESERT
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